weak signals at nightfall: variation for any number of radios


23/01/19: Deep Wireless Festival

I am delighted that my second micro-FM transmission at Marconi's Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station in August 2018, will be part of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art, based in Ontario. Tapping the air: weak signals at nightfall will feature on Off the Beat(en) Track. Curated by Darren Copeland, Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), the programme is available online until April. Listen here. Further details on my blog.

21/01/19: tapping live: six radios and a piano

In the autumn of 2018 I performed two variations of the live transmission, tapping the air. Images and recordings from these two London performances at APT Live 18 and the Iklectik Art Lab are now avialable on my blog.

29/09/18: live transmission at the ATP gallery

I am delighted to be part of APT Live 2018 at the APT Gallery, London. I will be presenting a live micro-FM transmission, based on my covert residencies at The Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, in 2017/18. The live variation for any number of radios, will be performed on Saturday 29th September in the main gallery. Bring your own radio and tune in. Full programme to be announced.

15/09/18: performing the air.

In August I returned to The Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, and perfromed a new micro-FM transmission based on field-recordings made on the Isle of Wight and along Cornwall's 'Communication Coast'. On Saturday the 15th September I will be performing a live variation of this transmission for six radios and a piano as part of Eclectic Electronics at the Iklectik Art Lab (London). The evening includes performances by the excellent Phil Durrant & Pat Thomas, Lucia H ChungLucie Štěpánková, and a new film by Lisa Minaeva. Details of the event are available here and further detials and sounds from the original transmission in Cornwall are on my blog.

14/05/18: Interview for RTE Lyric FM

In April I spoke at the Transient Topographies conference at The National University of Ireland in Galway.
Whilst in Galway, the artist, musician and writer Sharon Phelan invited me to take part in a short interview for a show on RTE Lyric FM. During the interview we discussed my covert residency and transmission at Marconi’s Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station in Cornwall, and the broader themes of time, place, materiality and loss. Listen here
Details on my blog

20/04/18: Transient Topographies, Galway, Eire.

I am delighted to be returning to Galway to speak at the Transient Topographies Conference at The National University of Ireland. Transient Topographies: Space and Interface in Digital Literature and Art is the second Galway Digital Cultures Initiative conference, and will take place in Galway, between 20-21 April 2018.
My paper, Tapping the air: a wireless topology of listening and communication on the Lizard Peninsular, is based on the covert residency and micro-FM transmission at Marconi’s Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station in Cornwall last summer.  Further details available here

08/01/18: LOMA: Large Objects Moving Air

At the beginning of January, as part of the conference, Large Objects Moving Air (LOMA), I delivered a paper on my covert residency and micro-FM transmission at The Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, Cornwall. Organised by CRiSAP, LOMA was held at LCC in London and included presentations (and perfromnaces) by artists, writers and academics from across a range of disciplines, inclduing Angus Carlyle, J.R. Carpenter and Chris Watson.
Tapping the air: a wireless ecology of the Lizard Peninnsular, was a performed paper, mingling image, text, sound and a live micro-FM transmission tuned in through a small portable radio. Further details of the conference here.

17/11/17: Lets get lost...sound walking

As one of the events during Let’s get lost: Southampton as the Situationist City, I have composed a series of vestibular soundscapes for mobile phone and the transient spaces of Southampton. Lets get lost... is part of the national Being Human Festival of the Humanities led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.
The soundscape project will open with sound walking: a guided listening perambulation through the acoustic non-places from and for which the soundscape were composed. This special event, led by myself, will take place on the evening of Friday 17th November. Tickets are free but limited, further details of the walk and wider festival are available on my blog and the Southampton Festival homepage: Let’s get lost: Southampton as the Situationist City.

08/11/17: tapping the air and silence on Radiophrenia

Two new works for radio will be aired as part of Radiophrenia 2017. Broadcasting live from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts on 87.9FM and on-line, Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station, which offers a two-week exploration of sound and transmission arts. Tappng the air: a wireless ecology of the Lizard Peninsula and the silence of nostalghia will be broadcast on the 8th and 9th of November. Tapping the air, is based on an unofficial and covert residence at The Lizard Wireless Telegraphy Station, which concluded in a micro FM ‘broadcast’ at the station; the site of Marconi’s first ‘over the horizon’ transmission in 1901. Further details of both works are available on my blog. The full Radiophrenia schedule is available here.

01/10/17: Framework #612: from memory and water on air

In July I was asked by Patrick McGinley, curator of the field-recording radio programme Framework, if I would compose a Framework introduction for a show dedicated to the memory of Pierre Henry. I was of course honoured to do so. This really beautiful show is still availble on the extensive Framework Archive. Details of my Framework introduction can be found here.
From memory and water a soundtrack for the collaborative film project, water (2016) by Anna Cady, itself composed from my memory of the film, also features on Framework #612.

25/08/17: Datscha Radio Festival: a garden in the air

I am delighted that a new sound piece, thunder for three guitars and a trowel, has been included in the Berlin based Datscha Radio's five day festival: a garden in the air. The festival takes place from the 25th August - 30th August and is also available online. Further details on the new work and festival here

24/04/17: Sound of Memory Symposium: Goldsmiths

I will be delivering a paper at the Sound of Memory Symposium (Goldsmiths, University in London). The symposium, organised by Goldsmiths and the University of Kent, 'explores creative works and ideas situated at the interface of composers working in acoustic ecologies and artists working within social ecologies.' Building on a dynamic rather than fixed model of memory, the paper, remembering rain: listening to water and memory, takes the form of a performed lecture combining sound, text and image in a choreographed exploration of the dynamic relationship between water, sound and memory. Symposium schedule here.

13/03/17: Sound installation at Up Your Output

A new ambisonic rain variation, will be part of a 16 channel sound installation at the Up Your Output 2017, AES conference at Southampton Solent Univeristy. Curated by the sound artist, acoustic engineer and conference organiser Professor Chris Barlow, the installation presents a continuous soundscape in the enormous atrium of the new Spark Building. The soundscape inlcudes Fragments of Extinction by the eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi, Flow and Wake by Chris Barlow and a new rain variation for bucket, cymbal and spatial array. A very big thank you to Chris for mixing the ambisonic rain variation.
Up Your Output 2017 takes place on the 17/18 March, but the installation will be running continuously from the 13th March until the 20th. Details here.

09/03/17: [silent] tire print (for bob & greg)

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about an auction she was organising to raise money for the musician and artist Greg Gilbert, who had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on his daughter Bay’s 1st birthday. I wanted to contribute, and so for Greg and in a sonic homage to Rauschenberg’s Automobile tire print (1954), I placed a 7” silent record under the wheel of my 1964 MGB, drove over it, reversed and repeated that action three times correposnding to Rauschenberg's print which records three revolutions of the Model-T ford's wheel.
An edition of one the [silent] tire print was auctioned on the 9th March. Further details of the appeal for Greg here.

08/03/17: rain falling over Bergen

A new rain piece has been included in a programme curated by Radiophrenia and broadcast as part of the Borealis Festival in Bergen, Norway. The rain can be heard falling from the 8th March until 12th March in the Borealis Radio Space.

08/12/16: Masz: Leonardo Music Journal, Vol 26

The Masz project by Yvon Bonenfant features on the audio CD for this year's Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ) As part of this visual and sonic tribute to Diamanda Galas I was commisioned by Yvon to create a graphic score in response to the Plague Mass by Galas. This tactile score was then translated back into voice and sound by Yvon and the composer Cox Ring. A video of the work premiered at Mix 2011 and the soundwork is now available on the LMJ CD. Images of the score are available here and an extract of the sound is on Yvon's website.

22/11/16: textsound: sonic materialities

I am delighted that a new variation of the microphone-less field recording, a silent tide, has been included in the latest edition of the Canadian online audio publication, textsound. Curated by Michael Nardone, “Sonic Materialities”, ‘assembles works that blur the distinction between performance, poetry, and the sonic arts.' Details here

12/11/16: Southampton Film Week

As part of Southampton Film Week, the four films from the Elemental Dialogue series by Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas, will be screened in the rather beautiful Vintage Mobile Cinema. This will include my sonic interpretations for the films, Air and Water.

06/11/16: Water: film and memory

Earlier this year I was asked by Anna Cady if I would be interested in composing a sonic interpretation of Water, the next film from her ‘co-creative’ project, Elemental Dialogues.
The soundwork, from memory and water formed part of an installation by Cady in the 13th century Cellarium (a storehouse or pantry) at Mottisfont House in Hampshire. The installation included a looped projection of the film, together with its interpretations by poets, artists and musicians. On the 6th November Anna Cady will present A Balancing Act, an interactive event in the cellarium, which will combine projections of the film with the recorded sonic translations, live poetry readings by Joan McGavin, Camilla Nelson and Briony Bennet, and live ‘tacit’ drawings by Mel Rose. Full details here

29/08/16: Radiophrenia

Delighted to be part of Radiophrenia (29/08/16-11/09/16). Broadcasting live from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts, Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station: a two-week exploration of current trends in sound and transmission arts.
A new work, rain for radio:(cymbal, toy drum and bucket), will be broadcast on Clear Spot: Friday 09/09/16 between 10:30 - 11:00.

rain choir: the dead sea variation, which was perfromed live at the IMT Gallery, London last November, was also broadcast on NTS radio as part of Graham Dunning's programme Fractal Meat. The episode is available here

27/08/16: silence having been here, then

The penultimate 'edition' of a silence lost, dissapeared into the Celtic Sea on Tuesday 16th August at Cape Cornwall, UK. As with the previous two disapperances, the loss was announced in the small adds of The Times newspaper. Documentation and some thoughts on time, newspapers and the silence lost are avaible on my blog.

05/04/16: another silence lost

On Tuesday the 5th April, an advert in the Lost and Found section of The Times newspaper (no. 71876), announced the second 'release' of silence lost. A single-sided 10" vinyl record, cut with a silent groove, was 'released' into the English Channel off the coast of Hengistbury Head, Dorset. Further details and a short interview about the project with Steve Harris of BBC Radio Solent are avaiable here.

23/12/15: a line with four arcs in Sonsopace

A new sound work composed specifically for 'exhibition' in Sonospace is now available for to hear/see in the on-line gallery curated by Harry Sumner. a line with four arcs is accompnaied by a series of images, which extend rtahre than document the soundwork.
The piece is based on 'field-recordings' from a walk along a footpath interupted by a series of four 'kissing gates'. The choreography of opening and closing the gates arced space into almost electronic song.
Listen in Sonospace

12/12/15: air struck on Kinokophone Compilation 01.

Delighted that my sound piece air struck gently (going out slowly) has been included on the first release by Kinokophone. The air piece featured in the listening event Kinokophonography at the British Library in May.
In a limited edition of 100 (and download), the Compliation 01 CD, inlcudes works by Francisco Lopez, Coryn Smethurst, and Sala amongst others and is available here.

21/11/15: rain choir at IMT Gallery, London.

rain choir: the dead sea variation will be perfromed live, with dissolving coral accompaniment, as part of Is It Eating You? at the IMT Gallery, London. Curated by Mark Peter Wright, the evening of sound and film closes Wright's solo exhibition I, The Thing in the Margins and inlcudes performances by: Mira Calix (screening, Esther Planas & Jennifer Ipekel, Graham Dunning & Tom White and Pond Scum Light Show (Jennifer Pengilly, Ash Reid & Jamie Sutcliffe). Details here

09/11/15: Chalk: symposium review.

The curator and writer Jodie Dalgleish reflects on the symposium, chalk: time, sense and landscape in an article for the New Zealand on-line art review EyeContact. A full transcript of the essay and aditional imagery is available on the symposium website here.

04/11/15: rain choir at Helicotrema in Venice.

A new variation of rain choir featured in Sciarada, a listening event curated by Blauer Hase, as part of the Helicotrema Festival of Recorded Music. Scrirada takes place in the beautiful Museum Punta della Dogana, Venice, and inlcudes works by Stefano Giannotti, Paolo Pennuti, and Luca Vitone. The sounds are played continuously from 10am - 7pm. Details here.

17/10/15: Chalk: time, sense and landscape

An interdisciplinary symposium, exploring worlds beyond and beneath the visible.
Taking place at the Winchester Discovery Centre on Saturday 17th October, the symposium offers a day of: sound, archaeology, film, geology, architecture, literature, music and rainfall. Curated by myself the international program of contributors includes: Paul Whitty, Guy Sherwin, John Levack Drever, Michael Welland, Nick Thorpe, Karen Fielder, Ian Rawes, Sally Ann McIntyre and is chaired by Marius Kwint. The symposium is dedicated to the memory of keynote speaker, John M. Hull who sadly died on the 28th July.
The symposium is part of the city wide arts event, 10days CHALK 2015. Full details/tickets: timesenselandscape.com / 10dayswinchester.org

27/08/15: Silence lost at Sea

On Thursday 27th August 2015 an announcmenet appeared in the the Lost and Found section of The Times Newspaper. It read: Silence lost in the North Sea at Cley, Norfolk. If found return to: S. Hegarty c/o The British Library Sound Archive. On that day I took a silent record to the North Sea and threw it into the waves. This is one of four such 'releases', more details here.

27/05/15: Sound, going out slowly at The Britsih Library

Kinokophonography at The British Library
Wednesday 27/05/15 18:00-19:30.
I am delighted to have a recording included in the latest Kinokophonography listening event. Organised by Kinokophone, this evening of sound cinema is inspired by the Libary's own Save our Sounds Project and will explore disappearing sounds. My work, air struck gently (slowly going out), is a very short recording of a match as it ignites, burns and expires. Further details on my blog. Event details and booking available from The Britsih Library and Kinokophone websites.

05/05/15: rain choir live at St James Hatcham, Goldsmiths

As part of a concert opening the exhibitio Sound/Place, I will be performing a live variation of the rain choir at St James Hatcham Gallery, Goldsmiths, London on Tuesday 5th May. The St James Variation will include a live dissolve of cathedral limestone adding the effervescent voices of ancient CO2 to the choir.
Documentation and after thoughts on my blog.

07/05/15 - 16/05/15: Drawing Breath Installation

Earlier this year I contributed a sound piece to Elemental Dialogue: Air; a research project by artists and filmmakers, Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas. Drawing Breath, an installation and performance based on some of the works by contributors to the project, opens on the 7th May at St John on Bethnal Green, London. Details of the installation and my work here and on my blog

20/03/15: air struck gently

I was recently asked to contribute to a research project called Elemental Dialogues: Air. The collaborative project includes, artists, dancers and poets all of whom have been asked to 'interpret' the short film Air by artist filmmakers, Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas. The resulting interpretations are then ‘re-embedded into the film, creating new, pluridisciplinary artworks, each of which tells a different and sometimes radically unexpected story'.
On my blog I discuss my own involvement in the project and the resulting sound piece: air struck gently.
A collaborative live event based on some of the interpretations will be presented at The Manor, in Cambridgshire on the 27/28 March. Details here

16/01/15: new release on Impulsive Habitat

Delighted to announce that the rain choir is now available for free download on the net label Impulsive Habitat. In addition to the original composition the 'b' side of this digital release is a version of the choir re-composed from the original field-recordings and others made during the choir's installation in the beautiful acoustics of the Crypt of Winchester Cathedral. Further details on my blog.

26/09/14: rain choir in Prague

A variation of rain choir opens today at the Galerie Dira, Prague. Part of a season of sound works curated by the artist Lloyd Dunn, the prague variation, was re-composed specifically for the gallery and will be audible until the 7th November.
Galerie Dira, consists of a headphone socket in an external wall, people are invited to bring their headphones and plug themselves into the gallery and sound 'exhibited'. Further information and an edited version of the prague variation is available here

17/09/14: rain choir variation

A new rain choir variation, composed specifically for the Helicotrema Recorded Audio Festival has been selected for the festival podcast, which is available here from the 17th September.

08/09/14: Beacon: air on a hinge

A new recording made during a visit to Orford Ness, appears at Kinokophonography in New York. The field-recording captures the sound of air playing with the rusted hinge of a door on The Black Beacon, formerly part of the Orfordness Rotating Wireless Beacon Radar System. Some images and thoughts on Orford Ness and the sound recorded there are on my blog. A podcast of Kinokophonography at New York Public Library, will be available from Kinokophone very soon.

11/08/14: new CDr of Fluviology

Following the recent Fluviology live music event, runningonair records has released a limited edition CDr which includes material from Delphine Dora, Sophie Cooper, Joe Evans and myself. Fluviology is available (in a rather lovely cardboard cover) here

11/08/14: field-recordings feature in new video

Today I attended a launch event at Testwood Lakes Nature Reserve. The new video documentary produced by the Hampshire Wildlife Trust was introduced by the naturalist and BBC springwatch presenter, Chris Peckham. The video includes field recordings from my winnall moors soundwalk project and ends with a stridulating lullaby of summer grasshoppers and water beetles. The winnall moors project culminated in the production four walks around a year, released on Gruenrekorder during 2014.

23/07/14: Fluviology: a live saturation

As part of Fluviology, an evening of experimental sound upstairs at the Railway in Winchester, I will be composing an audible saturation of found sound and field-recordings. The evening is organised by runningonair and includes performances by Delphine Dora, Sophie Cooper and Joe Evans.
Fluviology | 19:00 | 23/07/14. Tickets & directions here.

03/06/14: the noise of acid rain

One of my cathedral dissolves is available to hear on a post discussing 'Noise' by Daniela Di Bella. Cathedral rain #3, records the sound of a fragment of wall (taken from the cloisters of Winchester Cathedral) as it dissolves in Sulphuric Acid.

26/05/14: rain choir the prague variation

A new version of the rain choir has been added to this website. rain choir: the prague variation was composed in response to a request from Lloyd Dunn. The piece will be installed at Galerie Dira, Prague later this year. Further information and an edited version is available here

23/05/14: Profile Site update

The profile section of this website has been updated to include a discography and press section. In addition, all other sections have been updated with new information.

04/05/14: The rain in Cork: Sonic Vigil 8

cathedral rain #3, a field-recording of Sulphuric acid on a Limestone fragment from the walls of Winchester Cathedral, was included in the music, sound and art festival, Sonic Vigil 8 in Cork, Eire. The sound work was randomly selected to accompany a film work by the artist Dan Shipsides.

26/04/14: Interview for Daniela Di Bella published

An interview I did with Daniela Di Bella has been published in Spanish and English on elojosalvaje.com

29/03/14: Performance/talk for If Wet at Flatpack

As part of If Wet at the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham, I will be doing a talk about wetness and memory, which will include a recomposition of the rain choir, based on recordings from the installation in the Crypt of Winchester Cathedral. This will form part of a wet afternoon of sounds with mortonunderwood, inventors of the Water Instrument and the sonic wonderlands of Prof Trevor Cox.

02/03/14: extinction in listening room

My fossil dissolve ammonite extinction event, was included in Ancient Sound at the Helsinki sound gallery, a listening room. The 'listening' was curated by the composer Timo Tuhkanen

16/02/14: ammonite extinction event

An unreleased sound work from the series of fossil dissolves that made up eight studies of hearing loss, has been released on the digital album a quiet position - screened #1. Curated by Jez Riley French and based on his series of 'live audio screenings', the album includes tracks by Riley French, Seth Cooke and Magnus Bergsson. My own contribution, Ammonite extinction event, is a prolonged audible dissolve of an ammonite fossil.

14/02/14: four walks on Resonance FM

Extracts from the winter edition of four walks around a year (Gruenrekorder GrDI141) featured on Resonance FM as part of the programme Framework. Curated by Patrick McGinley Framework #453 explores site-specific sounds and includes works by maile colbert, rob olins & douglas benford. Framework is broadcast on radio stations across europe and in America.

Southerly of Bordeaux: broadcast on Déphasage

The Winchester Cathedral soundscape from the album Southerlies (Gruenrekorder GrDl 118) was broadcast recently on Déphasage #33 (04/12/13). Déphasage is a weekly french radio show broadcast on Radio Campus Bordeaux.

13/02/14: four walks around a year reviewed

A new review of the sound walk quartet, four walks around a year appears on a closer listen. The review, written by Richard Allen, discusses all four seasons of sonic perambulation, slow released by Gruenrekorder through 2013.

06/02/14: cathedral rain in New York Public Library

One of the field-recordings used in the sound Installation rain choir, will be part of Kinokophonography; an evening of sound art and phonography curated by Kinokophone and held at New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. The recording, taken from the gutters of Winchester Cathedral, was used as one of the 'voices' for the site-specific Installation in the crypt of the Cathedral.

01/02/14: an audible sedimentation of time

Nathan Thomas has written a review of the final sound walk of the winnall moors quartet: Four walks around a year: winter. The review for Fluid Radio is available here.

17/01/14: four walks around a year: winter

The final part of the seasonal quartet, four walks around year: winter, has been released on Gruenrekorder. The four sound walks around a year in the HWT conservation area winnall moors, have been slow released by the label through 2013/14. The quartet concludes in the same month that first recordings were made in 2010. Further details available at Gruenrekorder and on the winnall moors soundwalk blog.

11/01/14: editions of silence

Site update: The project silence returned, involved a vinyl record of unrecorded silence being posted home, ten times over two years. The project archive has now been updated, so that recordings of all ten silent editions are available.

20/12/13: After the rain

In a short article for the British Library Sound and Vision Blog, I offer some small thoughts on the nostalgia and loneliness of rainfall. Article available here

23/11/13: A quiet position

One of my chalk dissolves features in an 'audio screening' by Jez Riley French: A quiet position at South Hill Park, Bracknell.

Rainfall and memory: an interview in two parts

I discuss my work in an interview with Jay Dea Lopez for The Field Reporter. Our conversation explores my background in time-based media, the sound walk project for winnall moors and my recent work with chalk, rainfall and memory. The interview is in two parts: The field Reporter 327 & 328.

Solution of Dinosaur Egg

An extract from my release on Very Quiet Records tʃɔːk: eight studies of hearing loss gets a mention on the rather wonderful on line sound magazine, soundry.

'The routines of others': Fluid Radio reviews autumn

A review of four walks around a year: autumn,(Gruenrekorder: GrDl 140), appears on Fluid Radio. The review is written by Nathan Thomas, who correctly recognises my tendency to wander and 'content to be guided by the routines of others'.

25/10/13: rain choir: installation for Cathedral Crypt

rain choir, a new site-specific installation, for the Crypt of Winchester Cathedral, will be on 'view' from 25/10/13 - 03/11/13. Commissoned by the city wide arts event 10dayswinchester, the sound installation is composed from recordings of rain gathered from the guttering system of the Cathedral, and fragments of the buildings Limestone, dissolving in sulphuric acid. Details here.

17/10/13: Summer on the Wire

An extract from my piece Four walks around a year: summer appears on the new Wire Tapper #33 CD, which comes free with the November edition (#357) of The Wire. It can also be bought directly from The Wire website. The series of four sound walks around the HWT conservation area Winnall Moors, are being released throughout 2013 on Gruenrekorder.

15/10/13: Four walks around a year: autumn

Autumn, the penultimate soundwalk from the series, Four walks around a year, has been released today on Gruenrekorder. Further details about the project together with sounds and images available here and on the project blog.

06/10/13: Site update: a tide of silence

Sounds from my recent experiments with microphone-less field-recording have been added to this site and blog.

05/10/13: Site update: Four walks around a year

Details of the four walks around a year, from the Winnall Moors sound walk project have been added to the site.
The quartet of walks are being seasonally released through 2013, by Gruenrekorder.

30/09/13: Its just where...here

I have added the broadcast version of my piece for BBC Radio 3: It's just where I put my words, to this website. The piece exploring voice, memory and loss received some very interesting reviews, but is no longer available on BBC iPlayer. You can listen to the full programme here.

27/09/13: A last taste of summer

Extracts from the summer installment of Four walks around a year, feature on Framework #436, broadcast in London on Resonance FM, across europe and in America. Details here.

15/08/13: Summer once more

The second installment of the Winnall Moors soundwalk will be released today. Four walks around a year: summer is available from Gruenrekorder Digital in both MP3 & FLAC formats. The walk begins with the dawn chorus of summer solstice and includes the microscopic sounds of wasp mandibles, grasshoppers and the photosynthetic songs of pondweed. The download is available here.

29/07/13: a voice remembered

My piece for the Radio 3 series Between the Ears, is now no longer available for listening via the BBC website. I have posted a version on my blog, which includes the unedited sound piece and a copy of the script. I have also added images, including a photograph of my father, stamped on the reverse with Stalag 3D: the prison of war camp where he was imprisoned during the 2nd world war.

18/07/13: Basic FM

My sounds have featured a few times at the Kinokophongraphy field-recording events organised by Kinokophone. A Kinokophonography Radio Retrospective broadcast by Basic FM, will feature a number of my recordings and as one of the the featured artist there are also extracts from an interview with myself and Jon Tipler from Kinokophone, in which we discuss field-recording and poetics of dissolving ammonites.
Basic FM / 18.07.13 / 13:00-14:00

14/07/13: Echoes: a Lisbon dissolve

One of my fossil dissolves appeared on Echoes, a series of radio programmes broadcast (Lisbon)and steamed on Stress FM. The programme entitled How to get lost and start listening, was curated by Paulo Raposo, and features my piece Hatch: a recording of a fossilised fragment of dinosaur egg dissolving in vinegar.

Where I put my words reviewed

There have been a number of reviews of the piece I did for the BBC Radio 3 series Between the Ears. It's Just Where I put my Words explored memory and voice through a soundscape of recordings of my mother's voice. Broadcast on Saturday 15th June, the reviews include Kate Chisholm in The Spectator (22.06.13), Christopher Maume in The Independant (16.06.13) David Hepworth in The Guardian and Jane Anderson in the Radio Times.

Southerlies heard again

A review of the collection of Southerlies, my collection of soundscapes from the south of England, appears in the on-line magazine musique machine. Southerlies is available on Gruenrekorder Digital

16/06/13: A very quiet release

A new collection of my chalk dissolves will be released this Sunday (16/06/13) as a limited edition Cdr and digital download on Tony Whitehead's label Very Quiet Records (VQR007).
Entitled, tʃɔːk: eight studies of hearing loss the collection includes chalk from a cliff fall in Lyme Regis, a fossilised ammonite and a dinosaur egg. Further images and details on my blog. A review by Jay-Dea Lopez, is available on The Field Reporter (256)

15/06/13: It's just where I put my words

In a new sound piece for the BBC Radio 3 series Between the Ears, I take a journey with my mother’s voice, listening for her in the recordings we made and the sound works I composed. The piece explores voice, memory and the act of act of recording, My mother died in April 2011, and listening to the intimate fragments of her voice, reminded me of Roland Barthes’ book Camera Lucida, in which the author sits alone in his deceased mothers flat, sorting through her photographic remains, which Barthes derides for their inability to 'speak'.
Produced in Bristol by Chris Ledgard It's just where I put my words: a voice remembered, is broadcast on Saturday 15th June, at 21:45. Further details and images available on my blog

01/06/13: a quiet position

Very pleased to announce that a couple of my found tape experiments feature on Jez Riley-French's free digital download: a quiet position: form(at), flora and fauna.

01/05/13: Four walks around a year: spring

The first installment from the winnall moors soundwalk project is released on Gruenrekorder Digital [GrDi 128].
The quartet of four seasonal walks are to be slow released by Gruenrekorder throughout 2013.
Spring, first of the four walks around a year is reviewed by Jay-Dea Lopez on The Field Reporter (253).

17/04/13: Listening to the shell of a dinosaur

One of my recordings from a series of dissolves was included in the latest Kinkophonography session at Madlab, Manchester. The sound is 'exhumed' from a fossilised fragment of dinosaur eggshell, soaked in vinegar and then placed upon a hydrophone.

16/12/12: southerlies here from yesterday

Delighted to announce that Southerlies, my collection of soundscapes from the south of england, have been released on the German based field-recording and sound art label Gruenrekorder Digital.
Further details available on my blog.

07/12/12: A score squared

An adapted image from one of my xerographic scores was included in the SQUARE project at the TEM Contemporanea duemiladodici festival in Udine, Italy. The SQUARE project has announced a further exhibition in Cervignano (Italy) from the 7th December.

13/11/12: Water snails at the British Library

The water snails of Suffolk were heard escaping into the British Library as part of Kinokophonography: an evening of field-recording organised by Kinokophone.

02/09/12: The water snails of Suffolk

My field-recording of water snails chewing on aquatic plants, makes an appearance on the Jez Riley French blog. The recording was made in Suffolk, using a Riley-French Hydrophone. Listen to: the water snails of Suffolk

27/08/12: Walking on air

The full 25" summer soundwalk from the winnall moors: four walks around a year project with HWT, will be broadcast on Radeq Radio from SoundFjord gallery (London). The walk will be broadcast as part of 'The Summer of 2012', which starts at sunrise (6.06am) in London on Monday (27/08/12) and does not stop broadcasting live from sun-lit land until 120 hours later.
The winnall moors soundwalk will be broadcast on Tuesday 28/08/12 at 02:00pm. This is the first time that the full summer walk has been available to hear.

23/08/12: Sounds at Kinokophonography

Resistance #4 will feature in Kinokophonography; an evening of field-recordings and sound, at the Medialab, Manchester: Thursday 23/08/12 19:00-21:00.

12/08/12: Live: dissolve

On Sunday 12th August I will be performing live dissolve: a concert of field recordings, found voices, dissolving ammonites and CO2. This rare excursion into life, takes place as part of the We Are Collective festival at The Chapel Arts Studios in Andover, Hampshire, UK. The performance begins at 15:00 and entry is free.

Take the ear strangely: songs and dead seas

Following on from some experiments with the microbiologist Dr Simon Park, I have put some thoughts on chalk, sound and geology on my blog.

Remembering movement: time and place thickened

The winnall moors sound walk project approaches conclusion. Extracts from the autumn walk are now available on the project blog, including the scattered conclusion of bonfire night fireworks, amidst the aerial resonance of wind through wire fences.

Walk out to winter: a puddle and a plastic bottle

Latest post on the winnall moors sound walk blog, comes from recordings around 4:30 on Christmas Day. The recordings include the sound of a plastic bottle trapped in the current of a hatch on the River Itchen.

The sound of Yeast & magnetic fleas

At the invitation of microbiologist, Dr Simon Park I was delighted to visit the microbiology labs at the University of Surrey. Simon had set up a yeast culture to see if I could hear the micro biotic sound. Whilst there, I also became fascinated with the sound of magnetic fleas stirring various liquids. The gaseous songs of yeast microbes and percussion of magnetic fleas are audible here sebastianehegarty.wordpress.com.

Sonic Terrain: a river shortened

As part of a November survey of water sounds, the field-recording blog Sonic Terrain features a shortened version of my sonic river for the Theatre Royal installation (Winchester).

10 Days: unpredicted duets and the company of rivers

Extracts from my soundscapes for the Theatre Royal (Winchester) art event and their collisions with other voices and musicians, can be heard on my digital notebook blog. This includes Hossein Hadisi's Avant-garde Composer Ensemble (ACE) and Winchester Community choir. A shortened version of the sonic river, running through the theatre's public address system, is available at winnall moors sound walk.

map plot plunder possession

I will be taking part in the 10 Days Across the City Arts Festival in Winchester, UK. On the 31st October as part of the opening event (map, plot, plunder, possession), I will be premiering three soundscapes within the auditorium of the Royal Theatre. The avant-garde music group ACE will be interacting with the space, soundscapes and events taking place in the theatre, which include: sound/music, dance, flash poetry, visual art and installations. Details here

A Silent Swaying Breath: the public [boatman]

My recording of a water boatmen from the dipping pond at Winnall Moors, has been selected and used in the collaborative album from SoundFjord: A Silent Swaying Breath.
The water boatmen also features (slightly submerged) in the promo for the record. Watch it here.
The album is released for download on 17/10/2011.

Digital notebook: a new blog

I have started a digital notebook/diary in the form of a new wordpress blog. The notebook will be used as a space to document and discuss work in progress and contextualise my thinking & practice. Visit

BBC Radio 4: Pick of The Week

The second installment of my Soundscapes of the South, produced by Steve Harris at Radio Solent, will be featured on Radio 4's Pick of the Week this Sunday (04/09/11). Details here. The full documentary is available on BBC iPlayer till Monday 5/09/11: Listen here

Soundscapes on Radio Solent

Four of my soundscapes for Radio Solent are featured in the documentary Soundscapes of the South, broadcast on Radio Solent this coming Bank Holiday Monday (29.08.11)at 18:30. The soundscapes include recordings from: Abbostbury Swannery; Lymington Ferry; Winchester Cathedral and a short sound walk through Winnall Moors. Details here


Three of the seven soundscapes commissioned by BBC Radio Solent, have been added to the sound archive.
To listen click here

Soundscapes on BBC Radio 3

The Sound Artist, an audio essay for BBC Radio 3's Twenty Minutes, exploring soundscape in relation to music composition and my own practice, will be broadcast on Tuesday 9th August at 19:50. The programme was composed and written by myself and produced in Bristol by Chris Ledgard. Full details here

Framework Radio CD

A compilation CD that comes with the first publication from Framework Radio, will feature Resistance 4. Other artists include: Marc Behrens, Lee Patterson and Gill Arno. Details available from the Framework Radio website.

Listening & walking: sound walk article for HWT

A short article written for Hampshire Wildlife Trust and discussing the winnall moors sound walk, has been published in the Trust's newsletter. The article is available here.

Subterranean What?

My field-recording, Subterranean What?, reaches 513 plays on soundcloud. The recording of a Water Boatman in the dipping pond at Winnal Moors can be heard on soundcloud

A Line added

The harmonic fence recording from my Hengistbury Head soundscape has been added to the other line recordings on this website. Listen here

BBC Radio 4 Pick of the week: Soundscapes broadcast

Extracts from the BBC Radio Solent soundscapes documentary by Steve Harrris will be featured on BBC Radio 4 on sunday 1st May at 18:30: Listen here
The full documentary is available on BBC iPlayer until 2nd May: Listen here

Soundscapes on Audio boo

Slightly edited versions of some of the soundscapes for Radio Solent appear to be available on audio boo. The Watercress line soundscape is available here

BBC Radio Solent Soundscapes documentary

BBC Radio Solent are broadcasting a special half-hour documentary on the soundscapes I have been composing for the Friday morning Julien Clegg show. The documentary produced by Steve Harris, will go out Easter Monday at 18:30 and features the six-minute versions of the soundscapes.

Winnall Moors sound walk: Presentation

I will be giving a talk about the Winnall Moors sound walk project for Cafe Culture on Tuesday 26th April at Eighteen71, Winchester. Doors open 18:30.

Ave Maria: Mrs Trudy Hegarty

In memory of mam I have added her version of Ave Maria to my archive. This recording formed part of the soundtrack for the performance piece, '...and a sword shall pierce thy heart also'. Listen from here.

Mrs Trudy Hegarty: Jan 1920 - Apr 2011

On Tuesday 5th April my mother died. Mam's voice and life have featured in a number of my sound works and installations: e.g. Soliloquy n.2; Duet for Vinyl; Bellevue and Audrey Please Knock (The title Audrey Please Knock was taken from a note she had pinned to her front door: Audrey collected her 'paper money').
Mam actually took part in an early performance work (and a sword...)and several photographic & film works.
Once interviewed by Tim Marlow about her participation in my photographic piece for the Mother's exhibition at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (both Tim's and my mother's first interview for BBC Radio 4), she described the experience as 'better than bingo': this was no faint praise, she loved bingo.
Eyes down mam.

Soundscape for Radio: Hengistbury Head

The first soundscape in a series of 7 for BBC Radio Solent has been completed. The soundscape comes from Hengistbury Head in Dorset. There will be two versions: 2 minutes for radio broadcast and 6 mins for BBC online. I will also be uploading some of the soundscapes and sources to my account on Soundcloud.

(Un) Pleasant Over Drones

A 60 second version of resistance 4 is included on the CD (Un) Plea sent Over Drones, which is free to visitors at the forthcoming Resound festival, Falmouth, 2011. Details and a downloadable mp3 version of the CD available here: Resound

Resolving Issues: Found, Found, Found

I have now discovered the reason some mp3 files failed to be found in the latest version of Safari. I am updating those files which need to be replaced. The early sound works, Bellevue, Longwave and Horizon are now found.

Blow the wind southerly

I have been commissioned by BBC Radio Solent, to produce a series of southern soundscapes made from locations suggested by listeners. The call for locations was first broadcast on 04.03.11 on the Julian Clegg show.

Winnall Moors on air

Interest in the Winnall Moors project grows. I just completed an interview for BBC Radio 4's Farming Today, to be broadcast on Friday 11/02/11. Doing an interview with Mike Powell, broadcast this Sunday on BBC Radio Solent, Radio Surrey & Radio Sussex: Podcast. The project also features on BBC Hampshire Online.

Resistance 4: air, metal, water

A new soundwork based on recordings made in Norfolk this summer: listen

Winnall Moors: sound walk

In March 2010, I began work on a sound walk project funded by Hampshire Wildlife Trust(HWT). Over the period of a year I will be recording sounds in the HWT reserve at Winnall Moors, Winchester, UK. A blog documenting the project in images and sounds, is available here: www.winnallmoorssoundwalk.wordpress

A graphic score in two parts

As part of some R&D by the artist Yvon Bonenfant (University of Winchester), I was commissioned to produce a 'tactile' score in response to the Plague Mass by Diamanda Galas. The resulting score will be translated back into sound by the composer Will Edmondes. Pages from the graphic score can be found in the present: paper section of this website.

Silence lost

The silence returned vinyl editions continues in spite of one silence being lost in the post. The last two 7" records were posted from Stiffkey, Norfolk & Longmoor Lane in Fazakerley, Liverpool.

Framework radio broadcasts

Some of my soundworks are featured on Framework #297 (19/09/10). Framework introductions I recorded with Joe Tugwell, Claudia Arim, & Dhaval Joshi opened editions: #266,#278,#288.