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Silence returned | an edition of ten variations | 2008-2012

A 4 minute silent groove was cut into two single-sided 7" records. One record was kept unplayed and the other posted to my home address while I was away. The record is posted without a cover or envelope. On its return the record was played and recorded and another two 7" records cut. This process was then repeated with each new edition of the record.

Silence returned follows a similar process to that used in the mo(nu)ment project, but here there is no original input, just the unrecorded silence of a groove cut into plastic. Neither is there an appeal to reply or creative conversation: this silence is a soliloquy, silence returned to istelf.

As the project developed, the situations from where the record was posted became more autobiographical, such as places where I have previously lived and,in the final edition, the anniversary of my mothers death.

The records are like imageless postcards or photographs: an audible palimpset of memories lost beneath the damaged silence of the records surface.

Documntation of each edition of posting and recording can be accesssed via the tabs above.

silence returned | 008_ssv7 | Unposted | 2008

Listen | silence returned | 1st Edition | 04:00 (04:27 recorded)

Posted: N/A

From: N/A

Arrived: N/A


In-line recording of the unposted original from one of the two 7" records made as the first edition of silence retrned.

silence returned | 008-2_ssv7 | Tintagel | 2008

Listen | silence returned | 2nd edition | 04:33

Posted: Friday 22/08/08

From: Tintagel, Cornwall

Arrived: Monday 25/08/08


Record posted from a post office in Tintagel, Cornwall, England.

silence returned | 008-3_ssv7 | Dunwich | 2009

Listen | silence returned | 3rd edition | 04:40

Posted: Wednesday 19/08/09

From: Dunwich, Suffolk

Arrived: presummed lost in post


This record was posted from a post box in Dunwich, Suffolk. The record never arrived and is presummed to have been lost in the post.

A recording from the unposted copy of the record was made and pressed as the edition 4.

silence returned | 008-4_ssv7 | Bootle | 2009

Listen | silence returned | 4th edition | 04:49

Posted: Sunday 27/12/09

From: Bootle, Liverpool

Arrived: Wednesday 30/12/09


This record was posted from a post box near my mother's flat in Bootle, Liverpool. I was visiting my mother for Christmas. The day after I got home, my mam was taken into hospital. She never returned home to her flat.

silence returned | 008-5_ssv7 | Fazakerley | 2010

Listen | silence returned | 5th edition | 05:05

Posted: Sunday 04/04/10

From: Fazakerley, Liverpool

Arrived: Thursday 07/04/10


This record was posted from a post box in Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool. I was visiting my mother who was ill in Hospital. The record was posted on one of the last times I was to visit my mam in Liverpool.
I lived in Fazakerley from 1996 to 1973. I wanted to post the record from the box near the local shops where I had lived, but that box had been sealed, so I posted it from the closest box to it.

silence returned | 008-6_ssv7 | Stiffkey | 2010

Listen | silence returned | 6th edition | 05:19

Posted: Friday 27/08/10

From: Stiffkey, Norfolk

Arrived: Tuesday 31/08/10


Posted on the Friday before I came home from holiday in Stiffkey North, Norfolk.

silence returned | 008-7_ssv7 | Winchester | 2011

Listen | silence returned | 7th edition | 05:32

Posted: Friday 06/05/11

From: Winchester

Arrived: Tuesday 10/05/11


Posted in winchester on the morning of my mother's funeral.

silence returned | 08-8_ssv7 | Walsingham | 2011

Listen | silence returned | 8th edition | 05:47

Posted: Friday 19/08/11

From: Walsingham, Norfolk.

Arrived: Saturday 20/08/11


Posted from Walsingham in Norfolk. Walsingham has been a site of pilgrimage since the eleventh century. The town has a shrine to the Virgin mary, which was once believed to contain a relic of the Virgin in the form of a phial of milk.

silence returned | 008-9_ssv7 | Wolverhampton | 2011

Listen | silence returned | 9th edition | 06:03

Posted: Wednesday 28/12/11

From: Wolverhampton

Arrived: Friday 30/12/11


Posted from the post box on the corner of Newhampton Road East and Dunkley Street in Wolverhampton, I lived in a flat on Newhampton Road East close to this post box during the 1980's.

silence returned | 008-9_ssv7 | Winchester | 2012

Listen | silence returned | final edition | 06:27

Posted: Sunday 06/05/12

From: Winchester

Arrived: Tuesday 09/05/12


Posted in Winchester on the first anniversary of my mother's funeral.

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