Southerlies: 2011

Listen | Hengistbury Head (06:00)
Listen | Hamble (06:00)
Listen | Winchester Cathedral (06:00)

Southerlies are a series of seven soundscapes, commissioned by BBC Radio Solent and made in response to Radio Solent listeners' suggestions of places to visit and explore sonically. The soundscapes were recorded throughout the south west: from Abbotsbury in Dorset to Portsmouth, Yarmouth and Winchester.
The recording process and compositional response, revealed distinct sonic identities for each location: at Hengistbury Head the landscape was emergent and spectral; in Winchester Cathdedral there was a sense of anticipation and acsent; whilst at the river Hamble the soundscape revealed a place where movement felt teathered and hesitant.
A two-minute version of each soundscapes was aired weekly on the Julian Clegg show, whilst six-minute versions were available on BBC on-line. Two thirty-minute documentaries, produced by Steve Harris at Radio Solent, offered an insight into the recording process and reflections upon the sounds recorded.
In August, I wrote and composed a twenty-minute programme exploring soundscape. Commissioned by Radio 3, the Twenty Minutes programme, based on my work discussed soundscape and the influence of composers such as Cage and R. Murray Schafer. The programme was produced in Bristol by Chris Ledgard.

Southerlies, including an extended version of Winchester Cathedral, is now available on Gruenrekorder Digital.

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