four walks around a year: winter

Four walks around a year: 2012/13

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In 2010, I began work on the Winnall Moors Sound Walk project. Commisioned by Hampshire Wildlife Trust, the project involved the creation of a soundwalk based on recordings made over a year in the Winnall Moors Conservatuon Reserve in Winchester. Recording sounds over the period of one year would allow the sonic patterns and acoustic calendar of the moors, to become apparent. I created a blog to document the project in process.
During the recording period it became obvious that one soundwalk would not be sufficent to fully capture the complexity and subtle changes in the sonic environment. The recording process was extended to two years and four seasonal soundwalks were produced. In addition I produced, a short walk through a year, which formed part of my audio essay for BBC Radio 3's Twenty Minutes and is one of the soundscapes which make up my collection of Southerlies.
The four walks are each 25" long, reflecting the time it takes to make a languid circuit of the moors reserve.
The full quartet of soundwalks are being seasonally released through 2013 by the German field-recording label Gruenrekorder.


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