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It's just where I put my words: a voice remembered | 2013

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Between the Ears/BBC Radio 3/Broadcast 15.06.2013.

Commisoned by BBC Radio 3 for the series, Between The Ears, this sound piece reflects on voice, memory and loss. The sound work takes the form of an audio memoir or reverie, based on recordings of my mother’s voice, which I have been making for over four decades. My mother died in April 2011, and listening back to these intimate fragments of her speaking, reminded me of Roland Barthes’ book Camera Lucida, in which the author sits alone in his deceased mothers flat, sorting through her photographic remains.
The programme explores not only my personal relationship with my mother’s voice , but also our common desire to record and keep, and the particular qualities of recorded voice as distinct from the photographic record.
A review of the programme appeared in The Spectator (22.06.13), The Independent(16.06.13) and The Guardian (16.06.13).

The programme was produced in Bristol by Chris Ledgard. I would like to thank Chris, who sensitively and eloquently edited my ‘script'; studio manager Mike Burgess for his erudite attention to detail, and Duncan Miller for creating the wax cylinder transcription of my mother’s ave.

An alternative version of the piece, using the original unedited soundscape and a written transcript of the spoken 'script' is avaiable on my blog.

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