Holme-next-the-sea" field recording

a tide of silence |2013

Listen | Holme-next-the-sea | sand | 10" vinyl record | edit (06:36)

Listen | Cley | shingle | 10" vinyl record | edit (05:52)

Two single-sided 10" vinyl records cut with a silent groove. Revolving at 33rpm, each record was ‘recorded’ without input and provides over 7 minutes of muted rotation.

In an act of microphone-less field-recording, I took the two records to north Norfolk and used them to record the tides at Holme-next-the-Sea and Cley.
On the beach at Holme, I placed a record in a stream of seawater, as the tide came in. After seven minutes the record was rescued from the sea, tidemarks of sand appearing on its surface, as it dried in the sun.
On the pebble shore at Cley, the same process was followed, the retreating sea pummelling the surface of the remaining record with waves of roaring shingle.
In the surface noise of self-harm, the records reveal a memory of water in two quiet tides of time and silence. Further details on my blog


Holme-next-the-sea: recording tidecley: record submergedCley record:sea and shingleHolme-next-the-sea: tide playedCley record close up

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