eight studies of hearing loss

ˈtʃɔːk: eight studies of hearing loss | 2013

Listen | ammonite (exhumed) | edit | 05:33
Listen | fragments from a cliff fall | edit | 05:00
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In this series of sound studies, I explore the dissolve of matter in the form of chalk and the fossilised 'skeletons' of pre-historic creatures. The Cretaceous samples employed include: Chalk taken from the bed of the River Itchen and from a recent cliff fall in Lyme Regis; ammonites that once swam in those deceased oceans and fragments of dinosaur eggs from nestings in France and Argentina These eight studies offer a sympathetic drift of attention away from chemistry and toward the extinction of substance and the audibility of loss.
The simple chemical action of dissolving these creatceous samples in vinegar permits acoustic access to a latent unheard geography, a sub-audible map of extinction. In this sonic dissolution of matter we hear, not only the effervescent release of ancient CO2, but also an audible escape from substance: a disappearance from weight, permanence and solidity.
Eight studies from this series are now available as a limited edition cdr and digital download from Very Queit Records.

Further details are available on my blog here.

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