forgotten interludes

forgotten interludes: 2005 - 2006

Listen | forgotten Sonata nos.3-5 (edit)(04:59) 6.9mb
Listen | first Interlude: for closed piano (05:03) 7.6mb
Listen | forgotten Sonata no.9 (03:19) 4.5mb

A series of works exploring the manipulation of existing recordings. In these pieces, tracks from a vinyl record of John Tilbury's John Cage: Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano, are copied to a CD. The CD is then 'prepared' by applying Cellotape to its playing surface. The CD player, unable to re-cognise the information, begins to recompose the recorded material in a process of performed forgetting. Recordings from this performance are subsequently played back through the acoustics of a grand piano 'prepared' with a series of speakers.
The grand piano recordings were made at the University of Winchester Chapel, with the kind permission of Jonathan Watkins and Vicky White.

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