mo(nu)ment record

mo(nu)ment: 2006 - 2009

mo(nu)ment: first pressing
mo(nu)ment: second pressing
mo(nu)ment: broadcast

At 12pmn on the 5th January 2005, a three-minute silence was held across Europe in memory of the victims of the Asian Tsunami. As part of the project, a year from here, I made an audio recording of this moment.
This recording became the first pressing of mo(nu)ment: an edition of four single-sided 7" records (002_1-4). The original six-minute recording was edited to fit the four-minute duration of a 7" record. Three records were sent through the post without the protection of cover or envelope and labeled with instructions for recipients to 'play, record, and return' the record. This recording was to be made via microphone and returned to me along with the original record. On its return I recorded the record again.
In 2007 a second pressing of six 7" records was made (002b_1-6) and the same postal & recording process repeated.
One of the recipients, Patrick McGinley, kindly agreed to broadcast the record on his Resonance FM radio show Framework. Listeners were asked to make recordings from the broadcast and send them onto me.
Click the above links for documentation and recordings from the records and broadcast.
In 2008 a live recording of mo(nu)ment was performed at The Arcola Theatre, London. This was released as a limited edition cdr & vinyl record: See Something other than it: mo(nu)ment live at the Arcola (edition: 004-006).

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