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mo(nu)ment: first pressing 2006

The first pressing of four records were sent to recipients in England & Canada.
One of the records (002_1:4) was kept unsent and unplayed. This was subsequently used in the live recording of mo(nu)ment at the Arcola Theatre, London in 2008.
Of the three posted records, two were returned with the recipients recording and one is presumed lost. On their return each record was recorded again.
Click the above tabs for documentation and recordings of each record.

Participants include Patrick McGinley (London) and Matt Rogalsky (Canada).

My sincere thanks to all of those who have contributed and taken part in the mo(nu)ment project.

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mo(nu)ment | 002_ssv7_1:4

mo(nu)ment: unrecorded and unsent (04:12)

This record has been kept as an original unsent and unrecorded record.
The record was one of those played at a performed recording of mo(nu)ment at, Live Cinema, The Arcola Theatre, London (2008). The recording was part of an evening of live events to launch the publication of Guy Sherwin's DVD: Optical Sound Films 1971-2007 (Lux: 2008).
A recording of the live performance is available as a limited edition record and cdr: Something Other Than It: mo(nu)ment Live at The Arcola.
See: edition_004-006.

mo(nu)ment: other sidesmall_mo(nu)ment sleeve

mo(nu)ment | 002_ssv7_2:4

Listen | mo(nu)ment | Matt Rogalsky: cup/pin recording (00:42) 492kb
Listen | mo(nu)ment | Matt Rogalsky: slowed and reversed (04:21) 3mb

Recipient: Matt Rogalsky
Destination: Ontario, Canada
Date sent: 05.01.07
Date returned: 04.06.07

Matt doesn't have a turntable. He made his recording 'using a battery operated fan, and a paper cup with a pin glued in. The direction of spin is contrary to normal and at a much higher speed…so you’ll have to reverse and slow down my recording to hear anything like your original.' Matt Rogalsky

small 002_2_4small Matts envelopesmall Matt 2small Matt 3small Matt 4

mo(nu)ment | 002_ssv7_3:4

Listen | mo(nu)ment: recorded from record prior to posting (04:11) 5.8mb

Recipient: The Wire
Destination: London
Date sent: 11.01.07
Date returned: Not Returned

This record has not been returned. Arrival could not be confirmed and it must now be considered lost.

small 002_3:4

mo(nu)ment | 002_ssv7_4:4

Listen | mo(nu)ment | Patrick McGinley (05:12) 6.9mb

Recipient: Patrick McGinley
Destination: London
Date sent: 08.01.07
Date returned: 28.02.07

"I've finally gotten round to recording and returning your record - just put it back in the post. I'll forward a link to the recording to you later in the week (my transfer cables are packed away at the moment), recorded binaurally in my kitchen." Patrick McGinley

Mo(nu)ment:  patrick small 002_4:4 to Patricksmall 002_4:4 Patrick

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