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mo(nu)ment | second pressing | 002b_ssv7_1-6

In 2007 a second pressing of mo(nu)ment was made consisting of an edition of six records, numbered 002b_1:1 to 002b_6:6.
All six records were sent through the post without the protection of cover or envelope. Each record was labeled with a return address and instructions for the recipient to 'play, record, and return' the record.
Participants include: Lawrence English (Australia); Guy Sherwin (London); The Quiet American (USA); David Luff (France); Lasse-marc Riek (Germany).
All but two of the records have so far been returned.

Click the above tabs for documentation and recordings of each record.

My sincere thanks to all of those who have contributed and taken part in the mo(nu)ment project.

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mo(nu)ment | 002b_ssv7_1:6

Listen | mo(nu)ment | Lawrence English (05:39) 7.8mb

Recipient: Lawrence English
Destination: Queensland, Australia
Date sent: 27.05.08
Date returned: 27.10.08

'I've been waiting for a particularly time of year to arrive before I make the recording...though with the state of things here - read climate change - it's not arrive yet and these particular insects are not active. So I made the recordings - attached here as a link for you. Will send the record back shortly...'

mo(nu)ment full disc002b_1:6 returned record002b_1:6 envelope

mo(nu)ment | 002b_ssv7_2:6

Listen | mo(nu)ment (edit) | Guy Sherwin: Hackney, London (07:26) 10mb

Recipient: Guy Sherwin
Destination: London, UK
Date sent: 05.01.08
Date returned: 19.07.08

Guy and his son Kai made 3 recordings of the record on a 45" audio cassette.
'Recorded with mike on same day at 4.35, tape left running. Guy and Kai playing with quacky duck hitting T/recorder, picking up vinyl. Then vinyl recorded again. 17/07/08'

returned discclose up record002b_2:6 envelope002b_2:6_cassette cover002b_2:6_tape

mo(nu)ment | 002b_ssv7_3:6

Recipient: the quiet american
Destination: San Francisco, USA
Date sent: 05.01.08
Date returned: not returned

The arrival of the record has been confirmed, but its return is not now expected.

mo(nu)ment  02b 3:6small 02b_3_6 sleeve

mo(nu)ment | 002b_ssv7_4:6

Listen | mo(nu)ment | David Luff: Living room, France (04:36) 6.3mb

Recipient: David Luff
Destination: Roz Sur Couesnon, France
Date sent: 07.01.08
Date returned: 28.01.08

David made several recordings of the record in various rooms of his house in France. He also made a video of the record being recorded.

mo(nu)ment 02b 4:6002b_4:6_returned record002b_4:6 record close-up002b_4:6 post date

mo(nu)ment | 002b_ssv7_5:6

Listen | mo(nu)ment | Lasse-marc Riek: Frankfurt, Germany (04:04) 5.6mb

Recipient: Lasse-marc Riek
Destination: Frankfurt, Germany
Date sent: 24.03.08
Date returned: 11.06.08

dear sebastiane, i will have a look for a record player and will make a recordings of it. i´ll send it back to (Fri 4/04/08 9:03)
hi, i did the recording today. so what format you prefer?(Sat 7/06/08 11:08)
dear sebastiane, tomorrow it´s on the way. heartly, lasse (Sun 8/06/08 9:37)

mo(nu)ment 5:6002b_5:6 envelope002b_5:6 wrapped record002b_5:6 record002b_5:6 cdr

mo(nu)ment | 002b_ssv7_6:6

Recipient: Darren Edwards
Destination: Brighton, UK
Date sent: 21.01.08
Date returned: not returned

The arrival of the record has been confirmed and its return promised.

mo(nu)ment 02b 6:6 full discsmall 002b_6_6sleeve


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