microscopic view of record cover

preparation: soundscape for movement (parts 1 & 2) | 2004

Listen | preparation: part two (remix 2005) (06:25) 8.8mb

Preparation was commissioned for the Wellcome Trust funded dance project Innervations. This collaborative project between Hampshire Dance and the neuroscientist Dr Matt Cuttle explored memory and memory loss.
The soundscape is divided into two parts: part one, relates to learning and building memories; and part two, the disintegration of memory.
Preparation employs the corruption of its own digital record as a method of composition. The collage of sound sources include a 1950's instructional Ballet record and the voice of neurologist Wilder Penfield as he interviews one of his post-operative patients. The patient hums her ‘memory' of a tune evoked through the electrical stimulation of her cortex.

The images used here are taken from the cover of the ballet record and include a microscopic view of its text and paper fibres. Image taken with the kind permission and substantial assistance of Dr Matt Cuttle.

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