resistance_4 wire fence in Cley Marshes, Norfolk

resistance #4: 2010

Listen | resistance #4: air, metal & water (06:12) 7.1mb

Continuing with my interest in line and mapping (see: four lines) this recording was made on the beach at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Cley Marshes Reserve. I made several recordings here, attaching contact microphones to posts along a wire fence that draws a tenuous line between the beach and the marsh. In resistance 4, spontaneous harmonies emerge from the oscillations of the metal lines, vibrating in resistance to the air passing through them.

I made various recordings during my time in Norfolk: rain, masts, ropes. The soundscape is uniquely quiet; small sonic interruptions reveal silence and the absence of the combustion engine: the ubiquitous noise of business on the move. The quality of silence here helps to abolish movement and momentum; things move without acoustic consequence, resulting in a feeling of displacement, the perception of time being lost. I could live here.

There are plans to recompose the sounds recorded in Norfolk, writing a sort of belated sonic postcard without address: the sound of nothing much happening.

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