Bellevue curtain

Bellevue & Longwave: 2000

Listen | Bellevue (13:50) 17mb
Listen | Longwave (17:50) 24mb

Two sound works from the installation Audrey Please Knock (2000). The sounds entered the installation from different locations: Bellevue through two air vents in the wall of a false room and Longwave through a number of radios in the space outside this room. Both pieces were played as continuous loops, this allowed a third composition to emerge through the interaction of the sounds in different areas of the installation.

Bellevue: based on recordings of my mother remembering and retelling stories of her nights out in Manchester as a teenager and a covert recording of her getting ready to go out, some sixty years later, at the age of eighty.

Longwave: a fragmented radiophonic soundscape using found audiocassette letters, the noise of radio transmission/interference: fragments of my mothers' stories, and an audio recording of the solar eclipse in 1999 (as heard from St Catherine's Hill in Winchester).

The works are available as an audio cdr: see edition_000

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