...and a sword shall pierce thy heart also: 1990 (soundtrack)

Listen | Ave Maria: Mrs Trudy Hegarty (extract from performance soundtrack)

The performance '...and a sword shall pirece they heart also' had four performers including myself and my mother: Mrs Trudy Hegarty.
The ritualistic performance explored the physical and emotional relationship between child and mother, focusing on issues of self, body, and loss, and drawing on religous narratives and ritual.
The performance was accompanied by a collaged soundtrack fusing existing and original compositions with sampled elements and field recording.
My mother contributed to the soundtrack with a recording of her singing Ava Maria.

Mrs Trudy Hegarty died on Tuesday the 5th April at the age of 91. In addition to her part in this performance, my mother's voice and stories have featured in a number of my sound works, photographs and installations: Soliloquy n.2; Duet for Vinyl (Edition: 003); Bellevue and Audrey Please Knock (A title taken from a note mam had pinned to her front door: Audrey collected the 'paper money').
Once interviewed by Tim Marlow about her participation in my photographic piece for the Mother's exhibition at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, (the first interview for Radio 4, by the now Director of the White Cube Gallery),
mam described the experience as 'better than bingo': this was no faint praise, she loved bingo.
Eyes down mam.

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