silence of nostalghia

the Silence of Nostalghia: 2002

Listen | nostalghia (edit) (04:11) 5.8mb

A series of recording experiments in which I removed all dialogue from the soundtrack of three films: Nostalghia (1983) Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky; The Silence (1963) Dir. Ingmar Bergman; L'Argent (1983) Dir. Robert Bresson.
I began with Nostalghia and then followed the same process with the other two films. The editing was done directly through the pause button of a minidisc recorder. Occasionally some words escaped the edit and sometimes I chose to allow a phrase to remain. No post-production editing occurred.
I later discovered, in Tarkovsky's book Sculpting in Time, that his own use of sound in Nostlaghia had been influenced by both Bresson and Bergman.

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