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soundings: fragments from an unheard archive

Listen | PREorch: soundings #11(22) 11/12/99 (02:39) 3.7mb
Listen | scalesBench (edit): soundings #6(5) 25/04/99 (04:20) 6mb
Listen | WaitRoomBUZZZ (edit): Soundings #27(3) 29/01/02 (04:52) 6.6mb

In 1997 I began making mini-disc recordings of everyday sounds. Sometimes this was related to a specific project, sometimes it was just a way of listening into whatever was around me. Most of my sound works result from this process of listening and the soundings collected.
The majority of recordings in the soundings archive have never been used or even listened to again. To some extent they have become a form of unheard audio diary; although this remains an artifact of the listening and recording process, rather than an intentional act.

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