wake: inside drawers

wake: 1998

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The installation wake (1998) had two sound components occupying the two areas of exhibition: in the large 'outside' airing room, recordings of the shipping forecast made over a period of four months came through a radio; in the small domestic 'inside' room a hidden soundscape emerged from the back of of a set of drawers. This included the voices of a child and an elderly woman, reading fairy tales to each other, their voices appearing amongst a soundscape of footsteps, doors, and the domestic noise of washing machines, answerphones and other appliances. An additional voice whispers from a cut-up of Grimm's fairy tales. The process of cut-up formed part of a tableau in the outside space: the original book surrounded by the cut-up threads of narrative, lay on a mat, accompanied by a warm pot of tea.
Both sound works had a duration of approximately 45" and were played as continuous loops.

Thanks to: Lynsey Marsden; Peter Marsden and Mrs Trudy Hegarty.

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