Associations & Connections


Gruenrekorder: German field-reording label

Very Quiet Records: Label curated by Tony Whitehead

engraved glass: Label curated by Jez Riley French


If Wet: Sonic exploration in a village hall in rural Worcestershire, curated by the musical instrument reserachers David Morton and Sam Underwood also known as MortonUnderwood. If Wet are on tour during 2014.

Kinokophone: Artist collective and curators of Kinokophonography an international live listening event,

Sonus: Online listening library of electro acoustic works managed by the Canadian Electro acoustic Community (CEC). The library contains a number of my works.

European water sound map: Online soundscape map featuring a flood of winter, a wet soundscape based on recordings made during winter for the winnall moors soundwalk.


Framework: International sound art & field recording radio station curated by Patrick McGinley.


Fluid Radio: Online magazine record label and more.

a closer listen: Online sound magazine

The Sound Projector: Music magazine and radio show.


Exploringtheinvisible: Blog by scientist, artist and occassional collaborator Dr Simon Park

elojosalvaje: Blog of the architect Daniella Di Bella, exploring space, sensation and phenomenology.

Soundslikenoise: Blog exploring field-recording and soundscapes by the Australian artist Jay Dea Lopez.

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